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Can You Use Essential Oils For Candle Making

Can You Use Essential Oils For Candle Making

Making candles at home allows you to choose the scent and appearance of your candles. Craft stores sell scents specifically for candlemaking, but you can also scent your candles with essential oils. The trick to using essential oils is adding the oils when the wax is hot, but not so hot that the oils evaporate.
While it may be very tempting to use essential oils in your soy candles so you can market your candles as all natural or use the “made with essential oils” or “aromatherapy benefits” label, I do not recommend it.
Regardless, I only link to products we use on our homestead or believe in. How to make soy candles at home with essential oils is one of the easiest ways to .
It's my first time making candles, is it safe to use essential oils (not 'fragrance oils' that they sell at craft stores) in a candle?.
Buy products related to essential oils for candle making and see what customers. I love the quality of these fragrance oils and use them for all my homemade body. They smell very good, but each bottle does not provide much throw for one .
Adding essential oils like lavender or lemongrass can give your soy candles a clean,. Soy Wax Candles · How Much Scent Do You Use to Make a Candle .

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